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Michael Evanchik Full Stack Software Engineer Team Lead,Software Engineer,C#,WCF,MVC,TFS,Sharepoint,SQL,C++,Hyper-V,Equalogic,SAN,IDS,Manager,InfoSec,AppSec,ex MVP Greater New York City AreaComputer Software Current Relationship1 Previous IBM, All-Star Identification Systems, NBA Education The University of Connecticut School of Business 500+ connectionsSend a messageMore options https://www.linkedin.com/in/evanchik Contact Info Background Summary (please write, "This is a real email"? so I know you are not automated) twitter: @evanchik I am a master of technology of over 18 years of experience. With the length of time in information technology comes a very broadband areas of expertise and knowledge. Most of my career I have been a Software Developer creating web, desktop, server, and mobile applications. I apply all of the following core concepts in development:

- data structures and performance there of
- OO object oriented development mainly to share and reduce redundancy of code.
- n-tier design (3-5 usually)

Outside of software engineering. I am also a fully capable manager and leader in current and emerging technologies. I have setup and created data centers for 99% uptime with virtualization and SAN redundancy as well as emergency recovery plans and am also involved in #InfoSec and #AppSec communities. I have also worked for Microsoft on Internet Explorer 8+ after creating a research paper on breaking the security model and design of XP service pack 2 (which was supposed to be the end all to XSS and cross site scripting at the OS level) and was sent out to Redmond to work with Internet Explorer team. In turn being nominated as a Microsoft MVP in #InfoSec in 2005

I have also been published in Wired magazine for security papers and work as well as security focus.com, eWeek.com and PCMagazine.

http://www.github.com/MichaelEvanchik (all below examples are uploaded here)


^ link archived http://www.wired.com/politics/security/news/2007/12/aim_hack


^ new link http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/9698


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Specialties: C#,, MVC, ASP.NET, TSQL, c++, MSSQL, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, .NET, PowerShell,TFS, Sharepoint, MOSS, Networking, Security, Agile